Sunday, December 30, 2007

Swimming in December

Christening of Lara was held at the St Ignatius Cathedral. We decided to go to Daza Park because there is a small celebration after the binyag. Jali enjoyed swimming at the pool with Mama Veca and EJ and Mama Bangbang.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


I feel so blessed with all the things that are happening in my life. I never expected to win in any contest particularly a beauty contest because I never joined any and I have no intentions whatsoever during my younger years. Honestly, I was hesitant at first to join the pageant considering that I’m not working at municipal hall or directly connected with the committee compared with the other contestants. I joined because I was the youngest in the group (most of them are senior citizens) and our organization lack funds for our projects. Even if my intentions are noble, I feel so shy asking for solicitation. So finally I said to them, why not? It’s for our group anyways. The committee headed by the City Women Council officers conducted a preliminary interview to all the contestants. We were asked to make an essay about ourselves and how we represent the vision of Marikina women (something like that) I can’t seem to recall all the details—it just happened so fast. Next thing I know, we had our practice in preparation for the coronation night. My group was very supportive; they were there during the first up to the final stage of the contest.
Tita Cora A ask me to go their house and she asked me to fit all the gowns of her daughter. I chose the yellow dress because I thought that it would be appropriate for my talent portion. She gave it to me as a gift. Tita Letty Ramos who is also busy at that time agreed to play the piano organ as accompaniment since we cannot find minus one for that particular song. She also plays for the AFP Chorale and other programs of the AFP. I’m glad she is my neighbor and officer in our group. Before Tita Eli B left for the States, she left me a couple of accessories for me to wear. Tita Norie is always there too giving constructive criticism. Lisa lends me her organ stand. Tita Fely accompanies me to buy adapter for the organ. Lola Maring lends me her diamond earrings. I decided to wear that with my gown because I want a very simple accessory to go with it. My friend Toinette accompanied me to the salon and recommended the best hair specialist. She also volunteered to be my Production Asst, Manager, Director, and Coordinator for that day and I would say that she is the BEST.
During the coronation night, I feel confident and I felt that I’m going to have a place. I thought that I’d be lucky enough to be in 2nd or first runner up. But my intuition proves me wrong when Ms Mel announced that I am the 1st Gng Kababaihan ng Marikina 2007. Not only that---I’m also the “ Best in Gown” Of course the highlight is the announcement and coronation of the winners by Mayor Marides Fernando and Vice Mayor Marion Andres and the P12,000 cash prize.
I was also surprised to see some of my classmates and friends there. Some of our neighbors watched too with their families. My relatives, Mama Vecca and Lenlen became my official photographers and Papa Samudio ( as my daughter fondly called him) volunteered to take videos. My mom and dad were very happy with the news, so as with my friends and relatives who greeted me.
You can call me baduy or corny. Basta --- Now I know how it feels like to be a beauty queen. What more can I say -- I’m in cloud9.