Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ooops I did it again!

I guess I was very lucky today. I won 2nd runner up of Filstar's
Contest titled All About Scrapbooking's Ready Set, Scrap! Shoppin delight held at Robinsons Galleria Activity Center. You can check my LO here. Congratulations to my friend Rowee for winning the grand prize. Also to Jeannie, Vangie & Dra Josephine.

Last July 15, 2007, my entry" A Mother, A Daughter" bagged the Special Prize Award. The event, Mom and Baby Fair with Scrap, Baby, Scrap was held at Sta Lucia East Grand Mall.

Rowee and I with Nyoy at the background

Also last June 3, 2007, Rowee and I are the Scrapsport 1st Runner-up winner of our entry "Adorable". It was held at Glorietta Activity Center.

Few months ago, I also won in Banana Peel's Design your flipflop contest. My entry "Pearly Shells" won the first prize (P20,000) Not bad eh?

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