Thursday, February 7, 2008

MCF Bday

A special program was held ot the Marikina Municipal Hall in honor of Mayor MCF. The title of the program dubbed ass the "Mothers Confession Forum" showcases different types of mothers who shares their experiences in different situations. it wasw some sort of a stand up act and a monlogue.
My role as a politician's wife proved to be challengiong in a way. Im like Tessie Tomas ala Imeldific. my role is a former beauty queen who wants to be an actress but becomes the wife of a congressman. I later on discovered that I have a husband who is a pedophile. (hahaha)Can you beat that? lol

Well, that not all. each of us must perform a talent in relation to being a " mother". You will not believe it (specially my friends who knew me that i have 2 left foot) I did an interpretation dance titled "Iingatan ka" by Carol Banawa. It was a religious song and everyone was so amazed because it was a serious one and most of the audience later on told me that were touched on the story or rather ---my interpretation. Oh boy, I was flattered by the response.

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